LOTERIOS was established in 1982 to market TITANIUM sponge, ingots, slabs and mill products. In 1983 in order to respond to customer’s needs LOTERIOS expanded their activities at first into the manufacture of pipe and fittings followed by the fabrication of pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, reactors and columns in TITANIUM as well as other reactive metals, such as Tantalum and Zirconium.

LOTERIOS began to promote the use of TITANIUM on North Sea oil platforms and, after years of supplying pipe, fittings, flanges and special items, they have gained a reputation as an outstanding leader in the Offshore market.

In 1990 LOTERIOS began working in accordance with QA ISO 9000. In January 1994 they achieved ISO 9001 accreditation, followed in October by ASME stamp U and U2 and in April 1998 SQLO (China) Manufacturer Approval certification. This enabled LOTERIOS to break through into other emerging markets and they quickly became the leading supplier of TITANIUM Pipe Spools for PTA Plants and HP Acid Leaching Plants for Nickel and Gold mining.

In 1998 LOTERIOS were acquired by Timet Company, thus becoming part of the largest integrated supplier of TITANIUM worldwide. This increased LOTERIOS’ ability to offer a complete range of activities from marketing of Mill products, through a complete design service to the fabrication of standard and custom designed equipment and ensure the highest level of customer service and competitiveness.

In 2008 LOTERIOS moved to a new site, with a covered area of 10.000 square meters. The new workshop enable the company to supply bigger and heavier fabricated items (Spools, Heat Exchangers, Vessel  and Special Items) not only in TITANIUM but also in other metal (ZIRCONIUM, TANTALUM,  NICKEL ALLOYS, SUPERDUPLEX, DUPLEX, CU/NI , STAINLESS STEEL).